Super Flippin’ Phones

A single player arcade game where you save the world by slapping phones out of people’s hands. It was released for PC on Steam and Itch in February 2016, and in January 2016 for Android. It was nominated for the Indie Prize 2015.

Super Flippin’ Phones is my first commercial project and a more polished version of the game jam game Flippin’ Phones. The game jam game was picked up by multiple streamers and got over 60.000 downloads on Gamejolt, so we decided to work towards a commercial release to get experience developing a game from A to Z. As a nod to our retro nostalgia, we added ‘Super’ to the title of this ‘sequel’.

As the programmer of the team, my responsibilities included:

  • Game feel and state feedback
  • Implementing unlocks and achievements
  • UI and (menu) interaction
  • Performance and optimization

I also had to take the UI and performance into account of the Android version, prototyping and experimenting with aspects like swiping menu elements and moving by rotating the smartphone.

It was a great experience to fully develop and release a game. Some things went better than others, though:

  • Development for mobile was significantly harder, with longer build times and errors/crashes with little to no feedback. On top of that, setting up and maintaining the Play Store page is a lot of work compared to what we got out of it.
  • We saved the menus and intergrations for last, when all the ‘fun’ stuff was done. Alternating it would’ve felt less of a drag near the end!
The animated thumbnail for the game on