Autogame Buttons

For my game Autogame Deluxe, I’ve made a setup of large buttons to play the game with, in collaboration with Gidi. With this setup, I’ve showcased the game on multiple events and it’s always a lot of fun!

People of all walks of life are intrigued by the weird setup and the game itself. It is amazing to see complete strangers play together or against each other. People explain the game to each other and form rivalries. Elderly people give it a shot, while children hang around for hours.

The setup at Forum Groningen. Many people were intrigued by the chaos on-screen, and most were compelled to play a round.
Another picture of the setup at Forum. People of all ages are intensely battling it out on the road.
The setup at the Game Night at USVA. (Mostly) students play together, challenge each other and smash the buttons with a drink in their other hand.