These items are some of my better work. On the pages I go more in depth about my role, process, and experience with the projects. For a complete overview, visit the Archive.

  • Autogame Deluxe

    Autogame Deluxe

    Evade traffic on a intersection in a car using a single button to win super fast rounds while painting the road with your antics!

  • Waterverf


    An interactive waterscape for mobile, made as a surprise for my newborn nephew. I made it as a side project in 48 hours over the span of a week.

  • Laundromallard


    A 2-8 player party game where players work in a laundromat that washes ducks. Players need to pick up ducks and throw them in a tub and hang them on a clothes line to dry before they start to eat your entire stack of money.

  • Super Flippin’ Phones

    Super Flippin’ Phones

    A single player arcade game where you save the world by slapping phones out of people’s hands. It was released for PC on Steam and Itch in February 2016, and in January 2016 for Android. It was nominated for the Indie Prize 2015.